Parking Citations

LOUDOUN.T2HOSTED.COM is a service being offered in conjunction with Loudoun County. This service will allow you the convenience of paying outstanding parking violations issued by Loudoun County over a secure website with most major credit cards. Once payments are processed through LOUDOUN.T2HOSTED.COM, records at Loudoun County will be updated accordingly.

Please enter the ticket number or the license plate number and the State/Province.
The ticket number must be 10digits/characters long. Loudoun County tickets have several letter combinations(FD, FM, PF or SO) followed by numbers, please follow the guide below when entering your ticket number

• If your ticket begins with FD, FM or SO:
Enter the letters followed by two (2)zeros then the ticket number
Example:FM123456 should be entered as FM00123456.

• If your ticket begins with PF:
Enter the letters followed by three (3)zeros then the ticket number.
Example: PF12345 should be entered as PF00012345.

• If you receive a computer generated ticket that begins with FD or PF:
Enter the letters followed by the ticket number as shown on the ticket.

We apologize that there may be a delay between when you receive a ticket and when it may appear on our site.
Please note: A processing fee of $2.95 is applicable for each citation paid.